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What are the requirements for NHS hours?

Every NHS member is required to complete 20 hours of community service to retain their membership. These 20 hours must include at least 15 NHS-approved hours for juniors and 10 NHS-approved hours for seniors, which can only be obtained through NHS projects.

In order to accumulate NHS hours, choose a project from the projects list. Once you have completed the project, submit the form below to log your hours to the members list. Please note: hours may take up to a couple days to be approved.

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Hours Deadline

All community service hours must be logged by Tuesday, June 1st at 3:10pm to be counted for the 2020-2021 school year. Every NHS member must complete 20 hours by the deadline to retain membership, with juniors needing at least 15 NHS-specific hours (from NHS projects) and seniors needing 10. Other hours may be completed from any community service project.

How many hours have I completed?

Please use the form below to check how many hours you have completed.

If you believe the number is incorrect, please do not submit another request form linked above. Instead, email one of your NHS class officers.

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